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Welcome to The Kurtbastian Wikia! This wiki is meant for fellow Kurtbastian lovers that wished Sebastian went for Kurt instead of Blaine. If you're not a Kurtbastian lover and you came here only to bash Kurtbastian, please don't because it hurts people's feelings. To the fellow Kurtbastianers reading this, feel free to look around and explore the Kurtbastian Wiki or stop by the Chat Room to say hi! If you need help, please message me Sarah,(CrystallineSkies), Sarah - yes, her name is also Sarah - (Layla Gleek) or Kerwin (IceBerry).

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Kurt-Sebastian Relationship | Kurt Hummel | Sebastian Smythe

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Do you think Kurt and Sebastian are meant for each other?

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Kurtbastian Featured Video

Kurtbastian au catch me if you can

Kurtbastian au catch me if you can

Kurtbastian Featured FanFiction

By: cacophonylights
Rating: NC-17
Link: ""
Summary: The summer before college Kurt is shocked when Sebastian comes to him with a timely offer he can’t refuse. He’ll get something he needs to realize his dreams, but in return he has to play the role of Sebastian’s boyfriend for the summer. Neither of them know just how much their worlds are about to change.
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